Simple DIY Sandbox That Literally ANYONE Can Do

No Tools, No Skills and No Experience Necessary.

Are you DIY-challenged like over half of the population? Trust me, I used to feel like I was a part of that group. But when I finally gave DIY a try, I realized I was selling myself short! Those who know me personally think I’m incredibly crafty and though that may or may not be true, the fact is, DIY is not always as difficult as we make it out to be, and it’s not always building something from scratch.

Let’s say, one hot, summer day, you’re sitting there thinking of what you can possibly do to make your kids actually WANT to go play outside. Even for five minutes, you’d like the house to yourself to relax; to breathe. So you take to Pinterest, as any parent would, and you look up DIY sandboxes and become instantly overwhelmed. (Psst, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this story is about me!)

So there I sit, looking at all the beautiful, picture-perfect wooden sandboxes, the magazine-ready DIY pallet sand boxes with collapsible seats (what even?!) and all the other immaculate sand box masterpieces that I can’t imagine anyone who has never picked up a tool in their life could build, not to mention the cost of its supplies. That brought me to amazon, sorting through sand tables and other such impulse purchases for my children. But the cheapest one that was big enough for both my kids at once was $30, and that doesn’t include the sand or the toys.

But I had a quiet, peaceful house on my brain and I narrowed my eyes to figure something else out to give my kids an outdoor space all their own. And just before all hope was lost, I stumbled upon my neighbors across the street, outside playing in a plastic pool, the kind that is made from a pressed mold. And I thought, now there’s a simple solution!

I loaded up the kids, made the typical two trips back inside for juice and a toy for the ride, and we drove to the nearest dollar store and found a 36” plastic molded pool on sale for $5 and two 50lb bags of play sand for just over $8 each (we ended up grabbing a third, for gradual refills). We already had a stash of beach toys in the garage tucked away for the one time a year we actually ventured out to the beaches, so that took care of the toys.

Once we got home, I put the pool on the back porch, and my husband helped me open and dump the play sand in. Talk about HEAVY! This requires tremendously toned bodies (or handsome, willing husbands) to accomplish in a timely manner. My kids helped me scatter and test the beach toys and voila! It was like a DIY-er’s dream! The whole thing done in an hour and no tools, stain or splinters necessary.

This is SUCH a quick and simple solution for a make-shift sandbox, not to mention very cost-effective as well. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

My kids LOVE the sandbox. We use it for so many fun activities. Sometimes I even hide my kids’ farm animals under the sand and throw in some dry, unused paint brushes while my kids nap. Then, when they wake up, they can use the shovels and brushes to excavate, dust off and identify their toys.

Not every DIY project needs to be costly or masterly executed. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking an item meant for one thing and using it in a new way. In fact, that’s half of what DIY really is!

Now, my kids absolutely love any outdoor time they can get and I, coincidentally, love the time it offers me to have a moment to myself. This DIY sandbox gave my kids the outdoor play space they so desperately needed that went beyond the typical tricycle and backyard-ball.

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