Easy Homemade Iced Caramel Macchiato

Because Mondays Should Always Be Caffeinated.

Ask and you shall receive!

So many of my readers have asked me for this recipe since I posted my banana bread recipe that featured an image with this coffee in the background. This is a very easy drink to make and it can cure even the most terminal case of the Mondays. Are you ready to start your week off right?

This recipe is actually made so easily because of the ingredients, starting with the Eight O’clock brand coffee. They are actually one of the surprisingly few brands of coffee with this flavor and I find it the best tasting. Something I have recently found with this brand of coffee is I couldn’t find it at Walmart or Winn-Dixie, only at Publix. A cool perk about getting it from there is that this brand is BOGO at least once a month, so I always grab two then and it lasts me a whole month.

Other than the coffee itself, I use the International Delight Iced Carame Macchiato Creamer. Paired with the Reddi Whip and the Ghirardelli caramel drizzle, you won’t need any extra sugar (trust me).

This recipe uses a regular,classic coffee maker with a coffee pot, but I’m sure you could find some caramel macchiato-flavored single serve cups for the newer individual coffee makers, too. This part is to personal preference. personally cannot drink my coffee as strong or I’ll feel my heartbeat in my eyelids. My husband, however an avid longtime coffee drinker needs three times as much as I put in mine.

I always dress the rim of the glass with caramel drizzle and a little on the ice before pouring the coffee in. Now I always make my coffee fresh and just pour it hot over the ice (which obviously will melt a little), but you can opt to make the night before and mix the creamer in and store it in a sealed container in the fridge, and add your toppings when you drink it. I do this often for my early rising husband because I don’t know what 5am even looks like.

Once you pour the hot coffee over the caramel in the glass, it blends with the coffee helping to sweeten it without the need to add sugar. Be sure not to fill your glass all the way. You’ll need to leave some room for your whipped topping.

I add the caramel macchiato creamer from International Delight and stir thoroughly.

Next step is to add an Everest-sized portion of whipped cream on the top. As you’re enjoying your morning beverage later, the whipped cream slowly melts into the drink and provides a frothy cream texture. That is THE. BEST. PART. of this whole experience.

Finally, I tie the whole ensemble together with another hearty helping of the Ghirardelli caramel drizzle on top. It’s not a proper Monday elixir if it’s not over the top.

And that’s it! Very simple, minimal effort required to get this Instagram-worthy masterpiece. Be sure to share to our Facebook page or tag @the_homemade_home_maker in your Instagram post if you try this recipe.

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